Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lou Gorman; general manager built contending Red Sox teams

Mr. Gorman, who was instrumental in the beginnings of two expansion teams, took over as the Sox GM in 1984, continuing in that capacity until 1993. He added key pieces to the 1986 team that came within one strike of winning Boston's first championship since 1918.

"Lou Gorman was a legendary figure in the game of baseball,'' John W. Henry, the Red Sox' principal owner, said yesterday in a prepared statement. "Over the course of a career that spanned five decades, Lou helped to build winning teams across the sport, including the 1986 American League champion Red Sox. Lou also served his country with honor and distinction, spending more than eight years of active service in the United States Navy.

"Above all else, Lou Gorman was a profoundly decent man who always had a kind word and an optimist's perspective.''

That spirit could be seen at the ballpark in recent years, as Mr. Gorman, of Weston, continued to make the rounds. He had served as executive consultant to the Sox, as well as coordinator of the Red Sox Hall of Fame. He continued as a senior adviser to the club after his time as general manager, his love of baseball making an impact on those who came into contact with him.


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