Friday, April 1, 2011

Source Code' Director's Surprising Parentage

Director Duncan Jones is, in the parlance of Hollywood, hot. His movie "Moon," which earned raves at Sundance and won a BAFTA Award, put him on the radar of just about every agent and executive in town. This weekend, Jones' star will likely rise even higher with the release of the big budget sci-fi thriller "Source Code," starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Of course, Jones is no stranger to the limelight. His father is David Bowie. Yes, Mr. Ziggy Stardust himself. Born Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones, he was the only child from Bowie's first marriage with the American model Angela Barnett. His father famously dubbed him Zowie Bowie, a moniker that Jones quietly shed in his teens.

As a youth, Bowie, who made it a point of reading to his son two hours a night, turned him on science fiction novels. Soon Jones was devouring the works of such mind-bending authors as J.G. Ballard and Philip K. Dick. "My upbringing was pretty weird, anyway," Jones told the New York Times, "so it was maybe less of a jump for me."


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