Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ugandas opposition Leader Col Rtd Dr Kizza Besigye Shot

Are the  winds of change turning  south ,
There is drama in this Small East African Country of about 33 Million People mainly between the rulling National resistance Movement (NRM) and the main opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), FDC lost to the NRM in the just concluded elections , with 27 Percent of the Vote while the NRM which has been in power for 25 years took the lion's share of 68%.
The opposition has lost 3 times against the President elect and there is a Pv of sorts where the opposition blames the current government of every thing not right in Uganda. The latest being high food prices never mind that there is been a dry spell for 4 months running, the high fuel prices a light of petrol is about 1.5 Usd never mind that in some parts of the world petrol goes for as high as 5usd per litre.
Having been outdone in elections and parliament the opposition decided to hold a walk to work campaign in protest against the high cost of fuel and food , this started on monday the 12 April 2011, with no or limited publicity the Uganda police as usual shot some live bullets and throw a few tear gas canisters injuring some and arresting a few opposition leaders who were later detained and released.
The walk to work campaign resumed today , unlike monday, todays was filled with alot of force and span as far as Masaka (300Km from Kampala) and Jinja (100Km from Kampala the Capital)
Col Besigye got more than tear gas , He was shot in arm and few other people were injured in the fracas.
The protest still carries on stay tuned for more ,

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