Thursday, July 21, 2011

Falcons' Blank thinks deal will get done

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank isn't sweating the NFL's labor situation.

Blank said he is "optimistic" that the NFL Players Association will accept terms of a new collective bargaining agreement on Thursday that would end the league's 128-day lockout. He also expects a "great majority" of teams will approve the deal should the NFL conduct a vote, as expected, Thursday at a league meeting in Atlanta.

"The commissioner is very positive, and I think the owners are very positive," Blank said Thursday morning before entering the meeting. "We're looking forward to a deal that will end this lockout and get to football, which is what America, the owners and players want."

Blank said the new CBA would be 400 pages in length and last for 10 years. That should bring some much-needed labor peace between the two sides after three years of bickering over the previous agreement.



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