Monday, June 6, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki Not Getting the Necessary Offensive Help

Dirk has been a brilliant one-man show offensively in the championship round, but that clearly isn't enough. Nowitzki's supporting cast needs to come through if the Mavs are to have any type of chance of winning the title. From the Star-Telegram: "Dirk, playing with a damaged right wrist from the first half, had made 12 straight points, and Dwyane Wade seven straight as they went head up down the stretch. But in an 86-86 deadlock in the final minute, Nowitzki passed instead of shot. It was the right move under double-team pressure. He passed to Jason Terry in the corner. Jet missed, remaining scoreless in the fourth quarter. Which brings us back to Game 2, and the wonderment of why the Heat would have ever allowed Nowitzki to get off the final shot. But then there was Bosh on the other end after the Terry miss. If there was one guy the Mavs wanted taking a clutch shot, it would have been Bosh, who was 6 for 17 from the field at that point. This time, however, there was a bingo at 39 seconds. The Mavs came back with Dirk, and when the double team came again, he was looking for Shawn Marion. But the under-pressure pass was off-target, and although the Mavericks got another chance still two down, Nowitzki couldn't nail it. But the entire game was a case of the Mavericks repeatedly climbing off the mat, ducking Miami knockout punches. The Heat built a lead of 14 points in the first half, then 13 in the third quarter, then appeared to be pulling away in the fourth with a seven-point lead.



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