Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Examining The Process Of An Initial Public Offering


Let's follow-up now on the wave of recent news about initial public offerings -IPOs of tech firms.

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Unidentified Reporter #1: Huge investor demand has shares of LinkedIn soaring in its Wall Street debut.

Unidentified Reporter #2: Groupon filing today to really capitalize on the IPO craze.

Unidentified Reporter #3: Zynga, the maker of those games on Facebook is said to be close to filing its IPO.

INSKEEP: Okay, these companies all have something in common, they're all hot Internet social media, meaning they specialize in connecting people and now it seems a lot of investors want to connect with them or at the least the companies putting themselves up for sale hopes so.

We're going to talk about this with Andy Kessler. He's a financial writer based in Silicon Valley.

Welcome to the program.

Mr. ANDY KESSLER (Financial writer; Author, "Eat People"): Thanks for having me.



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