Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to fire your Boss

There are several Players in the Market
1 Entrepreneur

Offers himself and capitals starts production of goods and/or  services and sells them for a profit.

2 Employer

Buys Labour transforms Raw materials into goods and services and sells the goods and services at a profit.

3 Employee.
Has nothing to offer and supplies his/er Labour for a fee called a wage/Salary.
If you look carefully being employed in today's economy is actually the riskier option.

if your skills are general like driving or trucking then know that automation and cyber developments will some day come knocking at your door.
Likewise being in administrative roles is prone to outsourcing, budget cuts and divestment which could end up in your in-tray asking you to vacate.

Ive always wondered why a person could be at the same Job all their life same pay check year in year out, same old routine day in day out and actually enjoy it.

Giving away 8 of the most productive hours of ones life every day really pisses me off and in end receive peanuts, going on in a rat race year in year out.

Here are some ways to Kick the Rat Race.

1-Attitude stay employed make little money , think outside the Box buy a yacht and enjoy that Caribbean holiday.
This is self explanatory and varies from individual to individual.
2-Try Blogging stuff that you love trust me people will read and buy yo stuff.
3-Open a cyber Store and manage yo inventory like you are running a real shop.
4-Join established sells and marketing sites Like GAN (Google Affilliate Network), Ebay, Amazon , Clickbank, Olm, etc
5-Do simple Tasks and get paid for them.
6-Complete Surveys and get paid for your Opinion
7-View Sites and get paid for clicks you make
8-Build a web site and earn from Adsense, Bidvertiser Adhitz, Chitika, and Adbrite 
9-Work from Home Sites, I will give you sites that have special assignments for work from home Moms and the unemployed
10-Try some thing new on You tube or any social networking site, with traffic coming your way money will always come knocking.

Watch out for part two where I will show you sites
that can make you from 0.1 to 1000 Dollars in one day


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