Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MPs reject Sebaggala as minister

The Parliament appointments committee has unanimously rejected the appointment of former Kampala mayor Nasser Sebaggala as the minister without portfolio in the President's office.

At least three members of the committee have confirmed to the New Vision during the lunch break that Sebaggala appointment was rejected on grounds of his criminal record and that his academic papers are wanting.

The committee will write to the President and advise him to appoint another person for the post.

He in the morning appeared before the committee but his vetting took close one hour compared to the rest of the nominees whose vetting lasted for about thirty minutes or less.

Sebaggala was confident that he would sail through. He clarified that he has no travel restrictions to USA as alleged.

Meanwhile, Parliament has extended the vetting of new ministers to a third day tomorrow Thursday. Source

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