Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amanda Knox: I'm overwhelmed right now

(CBS/AP) LONDON - In her first press conference since having her murder conviction overturned in Italy, Amanda Knox spoke briefly about her return home before breaking down in tears.

"I'm a little overhwlemed right now," Knox said, adding that looking down from the airplane on her flight home was surreal.

"Thanks to everyone who believed in me, who has defended me, who supported my family," Knox said before tearing up. "My family's the most important thing right now and i just want to go be with them."

Knox then appeared to be too overcome with emotions to continue.

After Italian prisoners gave her a boisterous send-off, Amanda Knox made her way home to America on earlier Tuesday, holing up with family on the upper deck of a jetliner to Seattle as she enjoyed her first full day of freedom since her murder conviction was reversed.

Knox's mom, Edda Mellas, told the crowd before Knox spoke that "It's because of the letters and the calls and just the amazing support we've received from people all over the world" that they've been able to get by.

Friends and family who held spaghetti dinners, bowling events and concerts to raise money for Knox's defense waited anxiously for her plane to touch down -- a moment that took four years to happen.

"We all are as happy as can be. I can't tell you how long we've been looking forward to this day," her grandmother Elisabeth Huff told The Associated Press outside her home in West Seattle, a tight-knit community a few miles across Elliott Bay from downtown.


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