Sunday, October 23, 2011

Indian Army chopper enters Pak airspace, crew in 'military custody'


ISLAMABAD/NEW DELHI: Pakistani military on Sunday forced an Indian Army helicopter to land in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and took four personnel on board into " military custody" after the chopper allegedly violated the country's airspace in the Kargil sector.

Pakistan's chief military spokesman Maj Gen Athar Abbas said the Indian personnel were in "military custody" and being questioned about the incident.

"We are trying to establish contacts (with the Indian Army leadership) though the two DGMOs (Director-General of Military Operations) have not spoken so far," Abbas said.

Asked how the Pakistan Army intended to resolve the issue, he said: "I will not speculate on this matter. Whatever comes out of the investigation and inquiry (will decide the way forward)."

In New Delhi, Indian army sources said bad weather could be a reason behind the Cheetah helicopter's entry into PoK.

Earlier, a statement issued by Abbas said: "An Indian helicopter was forced to land once it violated Pakistani airspace at 1300 hours today in Olding sector near Skardu. Four persons, including three pilots, have been taken into custody."



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