Friday, October 14, 2011

New York Police Arrest 14 Wall Street Protesters in Lower Manhattan Clash

New York police said they arrested 14 anti-Wall Street protesters in
lower Manhattan following a decision earlier today to postpone the
closure of Zuccotti Park, the site of demonstrations against the
financial industry.

Protesters arrested included those who stood or sat down in the
street, New York City Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said in
an e-mail. Others taken into custody included individuals who
allegedly overturned trash baskets or hurled bottles, Browne said. At
least one demonstrator was detained after he allegedly knocked over a
police scooter.

The arrests took place in the vicinity of Broadway and Exchange Place,
in lower Manhattan. They came after a decision earlier today to keep
Zuccotti Park, near Liberty Street and Broadway, open rather than
close it for cleaning.

The postponement averted a confrontation there between demonstrators,
who had gathered in greater numbers overnight, and police who
threatened to remove tents and sleeping bags.

As protesters filed out of the park and marched on lower Manhattan
streets, across the Brooklyn Bridge more than 30 police cruisers and
50 officers gathered near the federal courthouse at the span's eastern

A march Oct. 1 onto the bridge by protesters resulted in hundreds of
arrests. Protesters arrested in the march sued New York City, Mayor
Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly for allegedly
violating their constitutional rights.


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