Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smartphone fitness apps

Smartphones might be fancy entertainment devices but they can also help you hop off the couch and get into shape.

The key to a successful fitness program is motivation and that's where a smartphone app can really come in handy. Thanks to GPS tracking, many apps can plot your exercise sessions on a map. They are easy to use - just launch the app, tell it what kind of exercise you're doing and press go. Slip your phone back into your pocket and use it to listen to music or podcasts while you exercise.

When you've finished exercising, just press stop and the app records the details of your session and uploads it to the web. You can look back over previous exercise sessions and view details such as time, distance covered, average speed and calories burned. As well as tracking you while you move - say, walking, jogging, running or cycling - these applications also let you record stationary exercise, such as sessions on a treadmill or exercise bike. Some can also link to gadgets such as heart-rate monitors and cycling speedometers.

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