Monday, November 1, 2010

Adobe's and Dreamweaver get HTML5 playback option

Adobe has added support for HTML5 H.264-encoded video to its photo and video sharing site, and adding an HTML5 video playback widget to Dreamweaver. That means that videos are now playable on any device that supports H.264, including Apple's iPhone and iPad, regardless of whether it supports Adobe's own Flash Player.

The Dreamweaver team's HTML5 Video Player widget, meanwhile, plays video using either browser support or the Flash plugin, as needed. It's compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera, and it will pick a compatible video codec for each browser.

Developers who want to use the plugin in their own sites can also customize the look of the player using CSS. To access the widget, you can either use Dreamweaver's widget browser or download a separate Adobe AIR app.

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