Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yet again British Royal Weds a commoner

It is official Britain will finally have another big royal wedding of none other than Prince William
second in line to the throne and Kate Middleton yet again a commoner.
The 28 year olds will be wedded next spring of summer.

Royal wedding: PR companies take advantage

Millions of Britons are expected to hold street parties to celebrate Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton next year.

The scale of the celebrations is predicted to match or exceed those held to mark the wedding of the Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer, with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter expected to help the festivities “go viral”.
Prince William and Kate Middleton: split made us strongerYoung adults who remember street parties organised by their parents to mark the 1981 wedding will be especially keen to replicate the festivities, community organisers said.
New guidance issued by Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, in August is also expected to open up swathes of the country where street parties have previously been stalled by red tape.
Meanwhile an academic has accused the "British establishment" of considering using a "lavish, pompous" royal wedding to distract the public from the economic downturn.
Stephen Haseler, professor of government at London Metropolitan University, told BBC Radio 4's Today program that Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding would be used by the government to distract the public from the economic crisis.
"They are seeing this as something to distract people from the coming unemployment queues," he said.
"What we have got is a democratic society, a downturn coming, and the British establishment toying with the idea, at least, of trying to distract everyone with these bread and circuses.
"This is not a normal downturn. In this very serious situation I think it's the role of government to be absolutely right right about this, that we are all in this together.
"We don't want extremes of wealth and poverty and we don't want lavish, pompous weddings."
He said the couple should have a ceremony which would be "a private and dignified affair".
"I think it should be a dignified, fairly low-key affair."

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