Monday, November 1, 2010

Face book buys, which offered a quick and versatile way to upload and share all kinds of files, from pictures to videos to documents will be shutting down December 15th
 and deleting all user data. Nothing's being rolled over to Facebook, so current users have less than two months to download all their files before they're deleted. No new free drops can be created after today.

According to the blog, Facebook has purchased "most of's technology and assets," and hired's Sam Lessin. This seems like a pretty strong signal that Facebook wants to get into the file sharing and storage game in a bigger way, allowing users to casually and privately share media the way does now. Facebook is strong in the photo sharing department -- in fact, it's the #1 photo sharing site in the world -- but sharing audio, video and docs on FB still leaves a lot to be desired. Facebook's preexisting social graph, combined with's cloud-based sharing technology, could easily become one of the leading services for sharing files with friends.

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