Monday, November 15, 2010

Motor Cycle taxi man kills lover in city motel

Isma Mutebi (right) at the Police station
Isma Mutebi (right) at the Police station
By Sarah Zawedde and Herbert Ssempogo

A jilted man strangled his lover in Kampala over the weekend and later handed himself in to the Police. Brenda Sabiiti Rujumba’s death at the hands of her lover, Isma Mutebi, occurred at Palm Guest House in Kanyanya, a city suburb.

The two lovebirds had agreed to meet at the guesthouse early in the day, according to the Police at Kawempe.

No sooner had the purpose of the meeting ended, than Rujumba, in her 20s, reportedly announced the end of their affair, which angered Mutebi.

Rujumba was allegedly dating three men, but had finally decided to get married to one, hence her decision to leave Mutebi.

“She told me I needed to find another girl because I was young. She said I needed to find an agemate,” Mutebi narrated.

The suggestion shocked the 23-year-old man, who claimed to have heavily invested financially into the relationship.

“She pulled out a knife and pointed it at me. She wanted to stab me so I grabbed her throat and strangled her. I locked the room hurriedly and fled the place,” Mutebi added.

Mutebi, who operates in the Kanyanya Water Project Zone, then dashed to the Police station where he shocked the staff with his confession.

The Police initially doubted his claim, but when he insisted, he was led to the crime chief, Paul Mugisha.

The suspect, a resident of Kanyanya, led a Police team to the crime scene where Rujumba’s body lay on a bed.

Three people, among them two girls, were picked from the guesthouse to help the Police in the ongoing investigation.

Apparently, they heard noise from the room hired by the couple but did not intervene.

It was love at first sight when the two met about five months ago, according to Mutebi.

Soon after meeting, he rented a house for the girl in Kanyanya.

Rujumba, it is said, cunningly convinced Mutebi to leave their home as she was expecting a relative.

However, the “relative”, Mutebi said, was her other lover.

Mutebi later learnt of the girl’s dishonesty, a finding that marked the beginning of a series of break-ups and subsequent reconciliations.

Mutebi accused Rujumba of aborting their child.

Rujumba’s body was yesterday taken to her parents home at Nagyera in Kampala before burial in Hoima tomorrow.

Rujumba reportedly dropped out of Makerere University Business School in 2006 after she got pregnant.

Relatives were taking care of the two children she had with two different men.

Despite his confession, detectives said Mutebi would be subject to an examination to ascertain the state of his mind.

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