Friday, May 20, 2011

'Idol' Top 3 Results: A Little Bit Country, An Even Littler Bit Rock 'N' Roll

You have to wonder why producer Nigel Lythgoe even bothered to launch a country talent competition, "CMT's Next Superstar," on the CMT network this year. He already has a country talent competition. It's called "American Idol." Because its final two contestants singers Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. Yee haw.
OK, I have nothing against country music, and I think both Lauren and Scotty excel in their own styles within the genre and could have major careers in Nashville. But the elimination of raspy rebel girl Haley Reinhart this week means next week's finale is going to be a pretty ho-hum affair. Haley the wild child would have brought excitement--a duet with Gaga? a jazz jam with Casey Abrams?--not to mention a real element of suspense. A finale showdown between either of this season's chosen ones, Scotty or Lauren, and underdog Haley would have been a fight of Lambert-vs.-Allen proportions (that is, excellent television), not to mention it would have featured a vaster array of musical styles. But now it's country vs. country, apples vs. apples. Is it really going to be all that thrilling to find out who wins next week? Let's just call it a tie, give them both the record deals we know they're going to get anyway, and watch "The Voice" instead.

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