Thursday, May 19, 2011

Intel Corporation Hopeful for Personal Computer Market Growth – INTC

Intel Corp. had an optimistic view of the personal computer market, as highlighting its ability to contend in the faster growing smartphone and tablet segments that many analysts cite as spirited challenges for the microprocessor manufacturer.

The Chief Executive Officer, Paul Otellini, indicated record demand for computing and told that the global biggest chip producer was well positioned to meet up with it. He also publicized the potential for Personal Computer devices in promising markets and told that the conventional computers would play a strong role locally.

He added that there has been a lot of debate about the apparent dull growth in PCs

The Chief Financial Officer of Intel, Stacy Smith, proposed that even though concerns about the route of the PC market, the company expected a strong growth in the emerging markets, mainly in China, Latin America as well as in Eastern Europe.



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