Sunday, May 22, 2011

‘Pirates’ review: Johnny Depp keeps the ship afloat — barely

Is it time for Jack Sparrow to sail off into the sunset?

After seeing the fourth installment in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" mega-franchise, Los Angeles Times film critic Betsy Sharkey writes in her review that Johnny Depp's kooky pirate charm keeps "On Stranger Tides" afloat, but the film is "not seaworthy, nor Sparrow worthy, for that matter."

Sharkey gives props to a few sparkling moments, including creepy mermaids and a cameo by the Rolling Stone's Keith Richards, but said that despite Oscar-nominated director Rob Marshall's efforts at the helm, overall, the movie lacks fun. Sharkey blames a bloated, overly complicated plot and bizarre production design. "Now if all that sounds like a promising place to work a lot of 3-D magic, then boy are you in for a major letdown," Sharkey writes. "The Ds in this instance stand for dark and dismal and disastrously claustrophobic." Here's an excerpt of her review:



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