Saturday, May 7, 2011

At last, a reason to be always the bridesmaid

Shortly before the start of the royal wedding last Friday, designers and bridal boutiques planning knockoff dresses went into action when they got their first glimpse of the gown.

"The second we saw it on the screen, it was beautiful," said Omid Moradi, chief executive for Faviana, a dress-making business based in Manhattan that plans to produce its own version. "It was just very elegant and glamorous."

It was Pippa's.

He immediately called his mother, the design director of Faviana, to tell her to begin sketching the dress of the bridesmaid, Pippa Middleton, sister of the bride, Kate Middleton. "It almost looked like a bridal gown," he said.

Celebrity wedding gowns have inspired many creative copies, but executives in the bridal business say this is the first time they can recall of companies wishing to design a dress based on what a bridesmaid wore, too.


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