Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celtics showing calm in the face of a storm

WALTHAM — Ever since the Celtics sunk into a two-game hole, there's been a sky-is-falling feel. After all, they've never been in a hole this deep since the new Big Three was assembled in 2007.

In franchise history, the Celtics have been in an 0-2 hole in a seven-game series eight times. The one time they came back to win was the 1969 Finals against the Lakers, when they dropped the first two games on their home floor but took the next two in Los Angeles.

The Celtics' situation is so dire against the Heat, to those on the outside at least, that legend John Havlicek made a motivational cameo Thursday at the team's practice facility.

There is concern on the outside, but from the inside, Paul Pierce can't sense any of it.

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