Thursday, May 5, 2011

Phil Jackson keeps it loose after Lakers losses

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson met with reporters after Thursday's practice, and a joke-telling session broke out.

The coach who once called a 2-0 deficit to San Antonio in the 2004 playoffs pretty much a "death knell" was anything but deathly serious.

With Ron Artest suspended for Game 3 on Friday, will Jackson think about playing Luke Walton?

"I think about him every day," Jackson said wistfully, doing everything but clasping his hands to his heart.

What about the "trust issues" Andrew Bynum mentioned after Game 2?

"I thought he was speaking about trusses, and my dad wore a truss," Jackson said. "I don't know the trust issue."

Jackson seemed pretty jovial despite the Lakers facing a 2-0 deficit against Dallas in the Western Conference semifinals.Readmore
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