Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trump for president? He won’t even get that far.

I hope Donald Trump, the pompous host of "Celebrity Apprentice" runs for president because then we'll get a certified look at his income, investments and debts.

But here's a Trump-like prediction, which is like the various pronouncements made by the real estate developer that aren't backed by any credible evidence: Trump will not run.

He won't officially declare his candidacy because the Ethics in Government Act requires those running for federal office to file disclosures of their personal finances.

The Office of Government Ethics recently released an advisory to potential presidential and vice presidential candidates clarifying the financial reporting requirements. Among other disclosures, candidates have to report income of $200 or more. They have to report assets — income-generating real property, stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, commodity futures and other securities — that exceed $1,000. And they would have to disclose liabilities of more than $10,000 owed to any creditor during the reporting period. They do not have to list a mortgage secured by a personal residence.


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