Sunday, May 8, 2011

Men Who Would Rather Die Than Quit -- the United States Navy Seals

When Navy SEAL Team 6 stormed into Osama bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan a week ago, that was not just a fighting force. That was the most elite fighting force in all the world. It's harder to become a Navy SEAL than it is to enter Harvard Law School. Different, but harder.

Entry to the SEALs is perhaps the most brutal test of a man's will in all the military. There's usually a hundred and sixty of them hoping to be selected for each class. There will probably be only eleven left standing at the end of this most searching test of character.

It's a six month road to hell. Driven by their teak-hard instructors, they pound the Pacific beaches at Coronado, mile after mile. At the beginning, someone drops out just about every hour. They are driven into the Pacific Ocean. Freezing, shivering, they undertake a succession of exercises -- lifting, pulling, rowing, swimming -- until it seems no one can take it anymore. Except the guys who'd rather die than quit.


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